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Our Products and Services
"Real Beauty"  Selected as "Album of the Year"  {Philips Phile ~ Real Radio 104.1 F.M., Orlando, Fl.}
"A 'Must - Have' for every true collector"  DWMmusic
"Outstanding First Effort"  JAM  Magazine
"Great music produced by some of Orlando's finest studio musicians!"  Jim Philips
"They were still talking about your performance the next day!" Lou Rosado, FALI Convention 9/28/03



      Our C.D. is available both through an
          e-mail directly to us, or through our
            distrubutor, DWMmusic company.
              Just click on their icon below to
                 view their catalogue of great
                   American music artists!!!!


                                        Now Available, Our 2003 Tour Shirts!!!!
                                                         Sizes  Large & XL
                                              Just $15 (Includes Shipping!)