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Back from Washington DC, the fun started up at home, all over again!
We just had two great weekends back to back!  The first weekend
found us Grand Opening the newly renovated Clermont Lanes with
their first Rock & Bowl, California Style, weekend. The stars came
out of both the ceilings and floors as the black lights lit up and the
smoke machines filtered the multi colored chase lights. The place
was packed with friends, including some friends who came in from
Ft. Lauderdale & Ohio to see us, and we met a great harp just in from the hot music city of Nashville, Bobby Wilson. He blew the nights up with his great harmonica work. We had never played a venue quite like that, but Chris Giachetti, Clint, Steve, and their
staff made us feel very welcome. The following week, we played
the newly renovated Pierhouse. Just as the week before, we had
a great crowd and unexpected visitors and guest artists. Enjoy
the photos:
Special Thanks To Paul Meckes of Penbridge & Rowe Promotions for
the great photo work:

                  As you can see, we're havin' no fun here!

       While Wild Bill did his best to keep the crowd stirred up,
          our friend Jeff Mickey, from Ohio, sat in on the drums
for a couple of songs. He rocks!!!

Janis Mickey, wife of drummer Jeff, had some fun with us as well.
Great to have you back in town, even for a couple of days!!!

Not singing...

Bobby sings as well as he plays harp.
Florida is going to love this guy!!

Blow that harp, Bobby!!

While Miss Leslie sang her heart out to the crowd, our
good friend, Chuck McKenzie sat in on the drums.

Our buddy, Ryan Palm, came out to throw
some great rock 'n roll licks into our show!

     We had some fun with this crowd!!


           The one on the right in this picture will now be known as
"Lucky Boy"
 because, the icing on the weekend's cake for us, was
our dear friend, Dan Hardy, and his new, beautiful
bride from Texas, Vanessa, who surprised us with
a visit to our show.
Two great weekends, many great artists joining us,
all of our fans who came out to support us.
To All, we say Thank You for two great weekends at home!!!!!

April's First Friday weekend at The Pierhouse proved to
be a lot of fun as friends and fans packed in to help us
rock the nights away. On Friday night, it was one of our
very best fans' birthday. Our dear friend, June turned
80 years young, out on the dance floor for nearly every
song. June, we hope we can have as much fun at 80 as
you do!!!


  And, Saturday night brought our buddy from the
Cirq du Soleil, Mr. Tambourine Man, Doug Simpson,
just back from his tour of vinelands around the world,
who astounded the crowd with his new twirling and
playing techniques! He never fails to please the crowd!


This year's Central Florida Fair & Clermont's 7th Annual "Pig On The
Pond" festival were both outstanding events were both blessed
with wonderful weather and overflowing crowds. We were able to
showcase our band to thousands of Central Floridians on several
beautiful nights. Our thanks to Lou Rosado for the great photos!
    { We still didn't let Joey sing!  Even with the loud carnival midways in the background!}




 These photos represent some great nights at the Central Florida
Fair '05.  Next come a few from the 7th annual "Pig On The Pond"
Festival concert.  It was a crazy two weeks...

  Before the concert, the band held their typical get together to be sure they still agreed
                   that Joey wouldn't be allowed to sing, or even hum along during the show.

                                               Then, the fun began...







                           Stephanie Spielburg,  official  Baby Blues  videographer!
                        (Her manager, Miss Jaci, can be seen behind her, booking her next show.)
  And then, it was over.  Another great show, with Red Slack on the board! Thanks Red!!!

This year's "Pig On The Pond" festival drew over 20,000 people,
 and raised over $84,000 for scholarships for students in South
   Lake Co.  We are very proud to have been a small part of that
    succesful event. Our thanks go out to the South Lake County
  Community Foundation for allowing us to entertain your audience,
                    and we hope we can come back again.

                                               Other nights, other shows:

      Once in a while we are joined by world famous touring
                   Canadian tambourine star, Doug Simpson!!

   Our Songbird of the South, knockin' em out at a recent show
                                            at the Crown!!!

    Our dear friends, Aaron & Karen Blaise came home from
    California to celebrate Aaron's birthday, and we captured
    them for one great evening of partying!! Happy Birthday!!

                    Any night with these guys is a great night!!!
                    Now, if we could just figure out how to keep
                               them from going back to Cali...
                  Check out our calendar to see one of our shows: