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News & Events
          Pictured here is young Eric Brolin, and his family, from Boston, MA.  Eric is
             the latest of our young friends that we have helped with "Change A Kid's
                 Life, Inc."  Eric and his family visited Sea World & Disney World on
                                                      their recent visit to Orlando.

It is with the deepest regret that we must
announce the passing of our dear friend,
Dave Feister, of the Legendary Groove Monsters,
into the arms of our Lord.  Dave was an incredible blues talent, and he is already missed.
To find out more about Dave & his music,
go to:

Welcome  Emma!!   Our beautiful teacher & friend,
Tara, and Anders brought their new baby, Emma on
a visit to SLAM.  Congratulations, she is so beautiful!!



          We can't wait for her to start her first lessons!!!

We did it!!  we're back from wash. d. c. !!   
go to "wash DC" & "wash DC 2" pages to   
             see all the fun we had!!

               "Havana  Nights"
              (Up the I-95 Tour)


to  everyone  at  "the  bungalow",  thanks for partying with us!!!!!!

check  back  here  next  week  for  
more new photos as they come in!!


   This article on Joey was just published in Homesteader
     magazine.  It gives some history on Joey and his family,      
    and it discusses our new non profit corporation for kids
    called  "Change A Kid's Life, Inc."  Following the article,
    we tell you a little bit more of our new venture for kids.


In our ongoing efforts to make this world
     a better place for kids, we have now  
             formed a new, non profit,
               501 (C) (3) corporation  
     called "Change A Kid's Life, Inc."
  whose sole purpose is to create events
which will raise money for free health care
 and educational needs for children and
   families who are in need of a helping  
  hand. We realize that there are many
 in our world who, because of financial
 difficulties which are not of their making,
cannot afford needed surgeries for their children, and the expensive aftercare that
is required. We also realize that there are  
    those children whose situations are  
 terminal, and we are pledged to lend a
                     helping hand.

Please watch for our concerts, which will
  be called, "Jammin' For Change", our
   golf tournaments, our Harley poker
      runs, our blues and jazz festivals, &
            our silent auctions, and be
                  a partner with us.
         Help us change a kid's life.

             Miss Leslie at one of our concerts,
               raising money for health care for kids.


  Baby Blues was just in the Studio at "Full Sail   
   Recording", producing a new concert video.  
         Go to "Full Sail" to view the photos
                        from the shoot!

   Our drummer, Joey Eberline, presenting another
 check to Ben Brown, Administrator for Florida Elks
  Children's Therapy Services, for $8,000 from our
 latest "Swing For The Kids" concert weekend. This  
 was our 7th year of raising money for children in
 need of  surgeries and after care. Baby Blues loves the kids!!  And, we sincerely thank all of our friends,
  Elk members, and bands who helped us make it

 "Swing For The Kids"!  Our 7th Annual
festival to raise money for health care for
disadvantaged children in Central Florida.
      We raised thousands of dollars for disadvantaged kids!   Photos have   
                     been published!!!

         We played for the 2nd Annual Oxygen Bash
          at Orlando's New Harley Davidson dealership,
         raising money for children with lung problems.
       It was a very successful night, with over $40,000
     raised!!!  Our show was a lot of fun and some new
                     photos have just been published.

                           John Pappone, Ryan Palm, Joey,
                     Adam Cocio, & Billy Albee came to our
                        Lakeridge show. John & Adam are
                          with Zildjian, located in Boston,
                  home of the World Champion Red Sox  !!

   Also, lotso new photos from  
    assorted concerts like the
  Pierhouse, the Central Florida Fair, etc. were just published on
  our "New Concert Pics" page.     

 See, there's always something
 interesting and new to view on
     the Baby Blues web site!!!
 We look forward to seeing you  
              at our next show!


                        Joey Eberline is endorsed by Zildjian Cymbals,
                                 and Zildjian sticks!!!!
                     Look at the photos!  They sound
                            great & they look great!
                            Zildjian  &  JOEY!!
                   What  a  combination !!!!!


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