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Concerts & Special Friends!
                                           MARTI!                                                Ooh, Lakeridge, We Love Ya!

                                Take  It!!                                       Joey,  Leslie,  &  B.B. King

                                Leslie, Joey, & Ian Anderson  { Jethro Tull  }

                   Tearing 'em up at Lakeridge Winery show at "Swing For The Kids III".
                 All proceeds each year go to Florida Elk's Children's Therapy Services.

      Baby Blues with George Clarkson, Pat Gallo, & Pete Bonaskiewich, guest  
                            artists with us at Lakeridge Winery's Fall Festival.

        This photo of Joey Eberline is featured in the permanent Hard Rock Cafe      
    Collection Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios along with an autographed pair
                                               of his Zildjian drum sticks.

                                         Just Another Baby Blues' Red Hot Night!!
          Leslie & Joey with two of their favorite performers, backstage at the
         Steve Miller concert. Leslie is with Bonnie Bramblett, of Eric Clapton's
           band, and Joey is with Dave Feister, lead guitar for the
                                Legendary Groove Monsters.

                 Legendary drummer, Bernard Purdie, congratulating Joey
                                            at the NAMM show in Atlanta,
                                     for adding to his list of endorsements.
                                       Hal Blaine, drummer with all of the legends.

                                         Photo taken at album release party.

              Baby Blues, headlining a festival at Merrit Island to save the sea turtles.  
                Phil Jones, drummer for Tom Petty, with his wife, Leslie, & Joey.
               Phil was Joey's best friend as a youth, and his first drum student.

                                    Baby Blues, on stage in Ft. Lauderdale.
              That's Terry Young, Joe Bolero, The Mighty Sink, & Tommy Calton
               in front with Miss Leslie, and Joey & Howard Ridgley in the back.

                                   Baby Blues, headlining a festival in Tampa.

              Our first band, Tommy, Terry, Ray, Keith, Joey, Howard, & Miss Leslie

           Miss Leslie surprises Joey, on his birthday, with lots of friends to jam.
                 Pictured here are Bill Kyle, Tommy Calton, and Terry Young.
                                          The party guests got a great show.

                              JoJo, in the studio, for Baby Blues' first recordings.