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Wash DC 2

Our set up for the Saturday evening show in Annandale, Va.
seemed like any other day, the sky was clear, the sun was hot,
and there was a canopy over the stage area. As we took the gear
out of the trucks and trailer, everyone was looking forward to
           our second year of playing in Annandale.

The sound check went very well, and everyone was satisfied that
                 this was going to be a fun night.

After leaving to change and get ready for the show, we returned
to heavy clouds and ominous thunder. Tarps were brought out to cover everything on the stage. Then the lightening started to hit,
   all around the stage area and the water. It quickly became    
   obvious to all of us that the show was not going to happen.
The rain was now a driving storm, and water was filling the stage as we all held on to tarps to keep our electronic equipment & drums safe. All of our power and electrical cords were now    
                                     under water.

After asking if there was any chance that we could do an unplugged show at their house, similar to the one the guys had done upon our arrival, and saying yes, we then heard our son-
in-law Drew announce to the crowd that the party was moving to their house; then he gave out the address, asking that everyone leave the driveway open for the band. We all looked at each  
    other, wondering how many people would show up.

Packing up everything, picking up chords, and drying them
off with towels as we re-packed them, we once again loaded the trailer and trucks, leaving everything we would want later at    
the back for easy access and unloading once again at the house.

Arriving at our daughter & son-in-law's house, soaking wet, we
then unpacked again and set up for a show for whomever chose to brave the rain to join us. The living room had been cleared of
                     their beautiful furniture and rugs.

After changing into dry clothes, we emerged to see 150 - 200 of
their friends, the best audience in Annandale, arriving with food and drink, ready to party. And PARTY we did! Here are the
first photos from the night's show, which began at 10:45 and lasted until nearly 2am...

 In addition to all of the fun already taking place, it was also
         the birthday of our daughters, Anna and Stacia!!!
                     Happy Birthday all over again!!!!!
 { A special thanks to Scott & Anna for the great crowd shots }

 A little rain can't keep these party masters in Annandale from
                 having a great time as they started arriving!!!!

  Let's see, we'll just put Miss Leslie's monitor right here, where
                                    the couch used to be...
          Thanks Howard!  Is this the way Otis used to do it?

                       Everybody changed into dry clothing...
                           OK, we can do this!!  Let's go!!!


                    The crew from Wakefield Chapel had been
                                         waiting for this!


                  Miss Leslie sang her heart out for the crowd.

     Guests, Christine & her husband, Jim had a great time!

      Drew's aunt, Susan, and husband, John, did, as well!!

                        Baby Blues all played amazingly!!
                               (Joey still didn't get to sing.)
                  Cabby & Drew, keeping an eye on things...

                   This is why they call him "Wild Bill"

                             Man, can she hold a note!!!



               We just wish we could get everyone to relax,
                         and have a good time with us...

                                Marti Fontana rips it!!!

      Jane with Aunt Anna          Jane with Mom, Stacia

                    Oh yeah, that groove's workin' now...

                                      Sisterly  Love


                                 Mmmmm, Uh Huh...

 But, the most fun came when Jordan joined us, and showed
  off his tambourine skills to help us end our second show!!!!

  Our night ended with an exhausted band, exhausted dancers, &
  an exhausted crowd, who would all do it over again. To all of
our new friends in Annandale & Chantilly, and to our daughters
Anna & Stacia, and their families, we say THANK YOU!!!
We hope we can come again. If anyone has additional photos
to send, please do & we will sort through them, and publish any that we can. All our love to you all!!! Thank you for a most
          wonderful trip to Virginia (It is for lovers!).

  Oh, and one more thing, due to the rained out concert, we now
 have a lot of tour shirts available in sizes Sm - XXL. If you or
 your friends might like one, please let us know. They are black,
 with the Havana Nights logo on the back. They're cool!!!!
 They're only $10 each. They make great formal party wear!


                       Seeya next time, Annandale!!!!!!!!!!
                   Thanks for a really great time!!!!!!!!!!!!
           A very special BABY BLUES thank you to
Event coordinators Nancy Olson & Cathy Wetherell for inviting us back again for a second year to your wonderful club!!!!!!!!!!!!