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More History Photos
                 At The Hard Rock ~                         Joey giving away one of his drum sets
                  In Good Company,                           to a local church for their new studio.
                 Under Phil Spector !

       Leslie & Joey giving autographs to fans after "Swing For The Kids IV" concert.

      John & Cathy, the best sound team           J.R. Robinson, drummer for Michael
        ever, checkin'  everything before          Jackson & Madonna, & boyhood friend
                      the show starts.                                   of Joey's comes to town.

                                                                    "Red  Hot!!"

                       Two On The Stick!!                                One Guy - Two Sticks!!

                                        Miss Baby Blues working on her words to
                                                 a new song before the show.

              Joey Eberline's autographed Zildjian drumsticks hanging in the permanent
                                                           Hard Rock Cafe collection.
                                                           ( Photo courtesy of Chris & Trish Townsend )


                                                    Recognize anyone here?

   Miss Leslie, waiting for our show to begin in Wash. D.C.

                         A really old shot of Joey, playing with
                    US Jazz Orchestra in Europe, in his teens.

            Joey & his Jag, that he got to drive when not on tour.
                   { Usually one month in the Spring & one month in the Fall }

                                        JoJo came home.

             Joey's first band, Songbird, after he returned to the
                                        U. S. in the 70's.
                          {Yes, that is Joey, in front, on the left.}

            Miss Leslie, in concert, singing with Tim Davis, Steve Miller's   
           songwriter of many Platinum hits, and Annie Meacham, dear  
                           friend and partner in crime with Miss Leslie.

                            One of the first band pictures of Baby Blues.

                                           Baby Blues, mid- 1990's.

           Baby Blues, at festival in the Florida Panhandle, with over
                                      100,000 people in attendance.
                     This was Miss Leslie's first huge festival appearance.

                        Newspaper shot, still doing festivals to help out.
                                    This one was for the Red Cross.