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      More  Great  Photos  From
            The  Fair 2005!!!!!!!


        Then came the bands!
    First up was "Silent Earth"!!
       Then, it was "Exile"...
 The final band for the day was
                 D  u  m  m  o  !



  We did it!!  Seeya next year!!!!
         Thanks for the great sound, guys!

         On behalf of all of us:
    Thank You for a great SLAM Day 2005!!
    We're already looking forward to 2006!!!

                     And, We Always Have To Include Our
                                     Guard  Dog,  Max !!  

   Why  Don't  You  Think
    About  Joining  Us  At
   SLAM  ?       Next  Year,
  You  Could  Be  On  The
   Stage  With  Us !!!!!!!!!!
                     Just Call:  352/242-5258,  or
                                   E-Mail  Us  At: