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South Lake Academy of Music {SLAM}

 S.L.A.M. { South Lake Academy of Music } is a state of the art
instructional facility located just 30 minutes west of Orlando, in the
growing community of Clermont, Fl. It is the only Florida musical
teaching facility which is endorsed by the largest music corporations
in the world, including  Zildjian Cymbals,  L.P., Waller Amps, Hohner
Guitars, & ISP Speakers.
         Featuring the top touring & studio musicians from the Orlando
area, this school offers Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Brass, Woodwinds,
Vocal, Violin, & Percussion studies. All levels are taught - beginners
to professionals working on new tracks.
         Former students now perform and tour regularly throughout the
world in college and professional musical groups with international prominance. There is no end to what you can accomplish with effort!
             For more information concerning S.L.A.M., just call:
                 352/242 - 5258, or e-mail at:

  Our Guard Dog,  Max !!

John Pappone, From Zildjian, Visits Joey At Our School!!

Studio #5
Recording & Rehearsal Studio

Front Waiting Area

Side Waiting Area
Autograph Room

We can meet every learning need you have...

In fact, we can meet every musical need
you have, for brass, woodwinds, keyboards,
vocals, guitar, bass, programming, etc.

The next generation of drumming stars!!!

Alex is doing great!!

So is his brother, Andrew!!

Jordan, Jane & Maura get to try it...

Jordan experiences electronic drums...

Jane tries out the drums too...

Many rooms to fit your every need...

Look at Jillian; she gets better every week!

Jef is taking vocal, guitar, & drums so that he can
record in his own home studio!

Just stop by & watch the pros when they
show up to jam & record a few tracks!!

Sign up, yourself, and you could be the
one doing the recording!
Become a part of the growing
South Lake Academy of Music family!

                         Tara Nulton               Jason  Schmidt

         Oksana Pavilonias                      Dr. George Frederick
                                        Joey  Eberline
                                        Zildjian Artist
                       Just two of our talented staff working
                                     on some originals!                   

South Lake Academy of Music
780  Almond  St.
Clermont, Florida
352/242 - 5258
{ Just call us... }

A very  special thanks to Premier & Zildjian,
for drummers, you ARE the best choice!!!